Sunday, March 14, 2021

Book Review - All the Children Are Home by Patry Francis


Dahlia and Louie Moscatelli are foster parents who provide long-term foster care for children Jimmy, Zaidie, and Jon. Their lives turn upside down when Agnes, a six year old native girl, comes to live with them.

When they decided to become foster parents, they had a few ground rules. They didn't want no newborns, no delinquents, and no girls. When Dahlia was younger, she suffered through a horrid incident that has left her a victim in her own home. She is afraid of the burden of being a girl.

Louie and Dahlia consider their family to be complete but, when a social worker turns up at their door, they have a hard time saying no. Agnes is a young girl who has been abused and neglected and suffers from emotional damage. 

Agnes Juniper is a rambunctious six year old that has no memory of her Native American roots. Agnes knows nothing about herself other than the box of trinkets she received from her mother. She knows she has a sister as she recalls some dreams of her sister. As the years pass, the Moscatelli family find themselves at odds with outside forces.

The book was an endearing read with a lot of heartfelt moments. I enjoyed seeing the children grow up and try to find their own paths. I felt like the book was a bit incomplete in the end and I am hoping that the author plans to continue the story with happens to them in the later years. I am excited to read other books by the author.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.**

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