Thursday, March 11, 2021

Book Review - Consumed (Firefighters, #1) by J.R. Ward



Anne Ashburn is consumed by things she cannot control. She is bitter about her family legacy, her career as a firefighter has ended, she is in love with the department bad boy, and her new arson case is against a fiery killer.

Anne is always up for a challenge and is willing to push herself to the limits. However, she made one risky decision and it changes her life forever. Anne has tied her entire self-worth to being a firefighter and she had to give up her dream job. She had to find a way to reinvent herself and her job.

She decides to become an arson investigator but, it pales in comparison to the adrenaline-fueled life she once had. Anne doesn't feel like she would feel the same passion for her job again. However, when a string of suspicious fires is cropping up all over her city, she begins to feel her passion revitalized.

Danny McGuire is one of the city's best fireman. However, after the accident with Anne, he is suffering from a personal crisis. He is heading for disaster after he keeps taking risks after risks. Danny seems to have a death wish until Anne reappears in his life. Will the arson case be able to help Danny find his path again?

I liked that the author took time to build each of the characters and their backstory. However, many of the side stories were bought up but, they went nowhere. I felt like barely any time was spent on the arson case. The culprit was revealed and caught by a lucky chance towards the almost very end of the book. Most of the book was spent on Anne and Danny's romance and random side-stories. I am not sure if this book was meant to introduce us to the characters or it was just a mediocre read filled with useless details.

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