Friday, March 12, 2021

March 2021 Haul!


Wow, its already March 13th! Where has the month gone? I feel like this year has been moving so quickly...although last year was quite the blur. 

I got a few Bonvivant masks and they are pretty good. They are decent masks that I used to get from Memebox when they were selling stuff. Now, I usually get them from Amazon. I am still sad that they are no longer a store that sells other brands. They used to have some really amazing deals.

I got quite a few new lip products. I got a few Clinique chubby sticks, I haven't used these in awhile but, I remember loving them. I can't wait to use this one especially the red. I got this really cute heart shaped lipstick from Kaja in Be Mine. I got a few repeat lip products that are favorites such as the Tarte lip pencils and Burt's Bees lip balm.

As the weather is warming up, I got two new scrubs to help get rid of  flaky skin. I love coffee scrubs but, sometimes they are so messy. I bought two different brands: the Coffee Scrub and Frank Body. I am excited to see how each one performs.

I been breaking out a lot lately so, I got some of those acne patches. I heard good things about it so, I am excited to try it. I got another bottle of Huxley Secret Essence. This thing is amazing and I love it so much. I am excited to try the Peach and Lily Glass Skin serum. People swear by it and my skin could use a pick me up.

Did you get anything this month that you are excited to try?

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