Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cosmopolitan January 2014

Look Hot with a Hangover-
1. To start - odds are, you didn’t do the best cleanup job last night. Double -up now with a gentle scrub [to life surface dirt and makeup] followed by a foaming face wash to deep clean pores. A cool rinse helps calm ruddy skin.
2. Next up - your four big challenges: redness [booze causes blood vessels to dilate], under - eye circles [from crappy sleep], plus dry skin and bloodshot eyes [liquor dehydrates]. Apply an extra moisturizing BB cream
3. Almost done - since upper eyelid skin is thin, redness is extra noticeable. Use neutral shadow with a hint of shimmer to conceal and reflect light. Line your top lash line in navy, and apply blue black mascara [blue undertone help brighten the eyes].
4. Finishing touches - to fake a well rest glow, sweep a soft pink blush along cheekbones [not apples, which can just look ruddy when you’re hangover]. Last, swipe on bold lipstick to focus attention on your gorgeous pout.

Post-Rager Eraser
1. Apply a chilled, hydrating paper mask. They’re more concentrated than regular masks.
2. Use blue eye drops, best for making the whites of the eyes pop, and close eyes for 30 seconds to let the formula absorb.
3. Neutral under-eye shadows with a pink-base concealer at inner corners, then dab illuminating concealer along under-eye bones and blend upward to the lash line.
4. Trace lower inner rims with nude eyeliner.

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