Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Self February 2014

Power of Tea
Peppermint Eases Cramps - the oil, extracted from the herbs leaves, relaxes muscles in the GI tract and reduces stomach pain. Try a cup at the first twinge of discomfort and you might not even need to pop a pill.
Ginger Curbs Hunger - have this tangy sip with a meal and three hours later you may be less peckish. The spice generates a sense of warmth in your body that can make your feel full longer. Get the effect from 1 teaspoon ground ginger root dissolved in 8 h ounces hot water or try the equivalent in a tea bag.
Green Tea Burns Fat - you first heard it touted for  its cancer fighting abilities; turns out if may boost weight loss, too. This beverage contains EGCG, a substance that could help you metabolize fat faster and slow any weight gain from the food you eat by up to 45 percent, research indicates. Getting in shape just got a whole lot easier.
Chamomile Lifts Your Mood - downing this herb reduced negative feelings by 20 to 30 percents in depressed patients, a study found. Its flowers pack flavonoids that may increase the feel good hormone dopamine and serotonin.
Hibiscus Ups Immunity  - vitamin C can help you fight off bugs, colds and other nasties - and make skin healthier, too. Made from hibiscus flowers, a single cup has close to 60 percents of your daily requirement. The vitamin helps maintain collagen, which keeps skin smooth and radiant.

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