Thursday, January 16, 2014

Women’s Health December 2013

See Ya, Static
1. Consider your hair type - static tends to be a straight-hair issue. Curls interlock, so each strand is anchored down. Got straight hair? Use a light - hold hair spray pre-hat.
2. Keep strands quenched - dry hair is more likely to stand on edge in  cold, low-humidity weather. Swap your regular conditioner for a deep treatment once a week after shampooing to restore moisture.
3. Use ingenuity - spray the inside of their hat with static guard and then give it a shake before putting it on.

Wow - Worthy Winter Skin
1. Reveal Brighter, Softer Skin - low humidity outside plus heat inside can leave skin dry and rough. Use a grain -  based exfoliating body scrub in the shower to refine rough areas. Opt for a sugar based formula which melts faster than salt and makes skin soft.
2. Get a believable bronze - ditch dark self-tanning products and gel formulas for a gradual self-tanner lotion. Apply it before bed every three or four days.
3. Hyper - Hydrate -  for your glow to last, your skin needs to retain the hydration that freezing temps can strip away. Be liberal with a coconut oil based moisturizer, which helps  bind in H20 to leave your skin soft. Apply it  after your first shower post self tanning and then at least once a day.
4. Go for Glimmer - cream based makeup especially formulas containing vitamin E and green tea extract will calm and hydrate red, inflamed patches caused by icy cold winds.


  1. The pro naturals argan oil hair treatment removes all the frizz and annoying flyaway hairs, I love it!

    1. Yeah, but it so easy to overdo and end up with greasy hair! Do you have a favorite brand?