Sunday, January 12, 2014

Greenleaf Starlight Votive Candle

With the holiday fun behind us but the money stress piling up, it is the perfect time to take some time to relax. I usually like lighting a candle and either relax in a bath and letting the stress melt away or curling in bed with a new book. When I opened the candle and left it in a votive holder, the scent filled the room even before I let the candle. I notice the scent was pretty potent in the beginning but after a couple uses the scent was not as strong. The 15-hour votive candle is a blend of soy and vegetable waxes with a scent of fruits, citrus, mint and white musk. Close your eyes and imagine the city lights dimming and the bright starlights showering down on you while you indulge in your favorite pastime.

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