Monday, January 6, 2014

Cosmopolitan June 2013

New collaborations to hit this month:
“1. Coach teams up with iconic French shirtmaker Saint James
2. Milly’s new collaboration with Banana Republic
3.Suno’s signature African - inspired prints are coming to Uniqlo”

Beauty Buys  -

 Photo Source - BeautyBay, Paul and Joe Blotting Papers

 Photo Source - Boots, Revlon Baby Stick in Sunset
Photo Source - Ulta, Organix Moroccan Surf Paste for Hair

“Your skin’s protective barrier is happiest at a slightly acidic 5.5”

Tips on protecting your skin -
“1. Watch out for water - water with its pH 7, make skin more alkaline. Moisturize right after washing to rebalance the barrier
2. Beware of Bar Soap - Most contain harsh detergents that grab on to grime and skin’s protective lipids. Avoid ingredients like sodium-stearate, -palmate, -tallowate, and -palimate
3. Be gentle - Overzealous washing and scrubbing can raise pH levels. Clarisonic cleansing brush because it cleanses and sloughs off dead skin cells gently, with the right amount of pressure
3. Easy on the acids - it’s tempting to OD on glow inducing glycolic peels, but doing so can send your pH plummeting. If you’re red or sensitive, give your skin a three to seven day break between applications
4. Slather on SPF - when skin is sunburned, water from  within your body rushes to calm it down. And in the process, raise the barrier’s pH. Within a spiked pH, your skin barrier loses its protective  and reparative powers.”

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