Monday, January 20, 2014

Japonesque Beauty Fixation Cuticle Conditioner Applicators

My cuticles! Where do I begin with them, they are always raggedly and unkempt no matter what I do with them. I invest in hundreds of dollars of products but I tend to forget to use them. I figured with these easy to use on the go applicators, I would finally be able to get my cuticles up to par. The easy to use applicator just twists off and the product is deposited into the other end of the swab. The formula is packed with aloe vera, essential oils and extracts which promises to condition, rehydrate and revitalized dried and hardened cuticles. I love how easy and useful these were to use. I kept a box of these in my messenger bag, in my desk at work and near my nightstand so I will always remember to use them. Each applicator I have noticed had enough serum for both hands and some leftover either for my feet or just to rub the excess all over my hands. My cuticles did look better after using the product and it did help that it was travel size so I can use it anywhere.

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