Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family Circle June 2013

Tips to try this month
“1. Try a scent containing citrus or exotic fruit notes, such as lychee or guava, which are uplifting and energizing
2. Aqua liner is a fun option for making eyes really pop. Swiping close to the lash line, don’t color in the entire lid and extending slightly upward at the outer corner.
3. One up the basic ponytail with a textured low bun for a causal, pulled together style. Starting with a low point at the nape of the neck. Then tease roots with a comb to boost volume and loosely twist hair around the elastic, securing with bobby pins.
4. Show off your shade with sun-kissed locks. A few highlights are all you need for a boost. While   buttery streaks are great for blondes, brunettes and redheads should try a few shades lighter than their own - think golden and coppery hues.

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