Thursday, February 27, 2014

Red Flower - Italian Blood Orange Candle

Photo Credit - Barney's

I love this sweet scented candle. It reminds me of the ones from Pacifica.  I got this mini one to take with me when traveling. I also love how it comes with its own set of matches. The only downside, it took almost 4 matches to actually get one to light up. I also love how cute the candle container is. I was thinking of keeping it after the candle is finished but I am not sure what to use it for, since it is a bit too tiny to be useful. The candle is made with 100% vegetable based wax and can burn for 15 hours. The candle has a sweet, tangy, citrus and with zesty rind scent. The candle is generously scented and lasts hours. I  can’t wait to try the other scents, especially if they all smell this great.

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