Friday, February 28, 2014

Seventeen June/July 2013

Styles to try this summer -
“Milkmaid Braids - A little Katniss, a little boho - 100% cute!
How to - A sporty side braid keeps hair off your face on a hot day! Give clean hair some texture by spritzing on dry shampoo, then French-braid a section along your front hairline from one ear toward the other. Braid to the tips, and add to drop shine serum to the ends to keep them smooth.

Side Tuck - Give a flirty peek of shoulder by tossing and pinning your hair to one side.
How to - A fun night out calls for a glam (but relaxed!) style to match. After curling your hair with an iron, choose your best side and make a clean part with a comb.  Sweep strands to the opposite shoulder and pin in place with a few bobby pins at the nape of your neck. Blast with strong hold hairspray.

High and Mighty - Rising temps call for higher topknots - they keep you cool and chic!
How to - Give your everyday topknot a rock-and-roll makeover! Add grip with a spray gel and tease with a paddle brush. Use your fingers to rake hair back into a loose, messy pouf. Pin in place and finish with a dab of texturizing cream on the pieces around your face and topknot.

Pretty Pins - Bobbies this fun and bright are too adorbs to hide!
How to - To keep a down do from being snoozy, curl just the ends and use a cream to smooth. Do a sexy swoop over your forehead, and hold it in place with a cluster of pins at eye level.”

Beauty Secrets-
“Make your makeup stay- When it’s hot and humid, you regular makeup won’t cut it - all that sweat makes it look streaky and heavy! What you really need are lighter formulas that have
staying power. Look for an oil free mattifying foundation for a shine-free face, and a long-wear eyeshadow to keep your eyes pretty all day and night.

Get Clear Skin - In the summer, the excess oils you produce cause more breakouts, and the dark spots they leave behind linger because of sun exposure! Prevent pimples by using a spot treatment morning and night on your problem areas. Then use a mask with Vitamin C once a week to fade dark spot faster.

Score a Glowy Body! - The perfect accessory to your peekaboo dresses and tops? Bump free, sun kissed skin! Get it  by using a gentle exfoliant with aloe to soften. Then before heading out, smooth on glimmery lotion to really play up your bronzy glow.

Rock Pretty Lips -The skin on your lips is ultra thin, so when you’re out in the hot sun, they dry out fast, causing cracks and splits! Keep them soft and flake free with a super moisturizing tinted balm. Pick a fun color like tangerine.”

De-Frizz Fast - Just the slightest humidity makes hair expand. Keep strands sleek with a creamy product that contains oil to seal out the moisture. The rich consistency tamps down frizz and flyaways while adding major shine.

Make Your Hair Crazy Soft! - The beach is fun for you, but not so much for your hair - salt and sun dries and dulls it! Soften brittle strands by using a shampoo and deep treatment conditioner with tons of natural oils like olive, almond and avocado.”

7 Makeup Styles to Try -
“Neon liner -  Electrify your eyes without risking bright green streaks running down your face! Using an angled liner brush to apply a long-wear cream shadow around your eyes, extending the line at the outer corners to create a colorful cat’s eye. Then coat just your upper lashes with waterproof mascara. Regular mascara can run in the heat.
Dramatic wings  - On a hot date, you want to look smokin’ not smudgy, so use waterproof shadow crayons to create a fierce look. Start by coloring in your entire lid with navy, winging out at the outer corners. Then take the white crayon and highlight your eyes’ inner corners and water lines for a dewy effect.
Rosy Cheeks - Score a flirty flush for a day at the park with a poppy pink cream blush. It sinks into your skin so it won’t disappear midday, and it’s so sheer, it won’t get cakey.
Flawless  Skin - Sweaty skin can make you foundation streak. The trick is to pick a light matte formula. It will absorb shine throughout the day, and your makeup won’t wear off in some places but stick in others. Then cover pimples with a concealer crayon.
Tropical Face - Line your bottom water lines with a long wear turquoise pencil, and slick on matte coral lipstick -- unlike the glossy kind, it won’t budge.”

Tips for best mani ever-
“How to avoid -
A. Bubbles - Nothing ruins a killer shade more than lumpy bubbles! That’s what happens when you shake your polish before opening it. Roll the bottle between your palms instead to mix the formula.
B. Streaks - Stripe-y polish is so easy to prevent: First make sure nails are clean before applying a base coat. It helps paint go on smoothly. Then in even strokes, coat nails in three overlapping swipes: one on each side of the nail and another sweep down the middle!
c. Smudges - Avoid a sloppy look by making sure that you don’t have color on the skin around your nails. Paint slightly above your cuticle and use a pointed Q-tip dipped in polish remover to clean any stray color that gets on your skin.

Don’t clip too short - the area underneath your nails is super-sensitive  and if you trim them too short, you risk cutting your skin. To prevent, use nail scissors instead of clippers - they give you more control.

Do file one way - filing nails back and forth weakens them, causing them to break. Go in one direction with your file and do it gently!

Don’t cut cuticles - trimming gives you hangnails. Soak nails in water, apply cuticle oil, and push them back with a file.

Do buff them - ridged nails lead to an uneven  paint job.  Buff them with a gentle side to side motion. Once the ridge is smoothed, stop too much buffing will thin your nails. “

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