Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pixi Lip Booster - No. 10 Pixie

I was in the market for a new lip gloss and I wanted one with a bit of color but it shouldn’t didn’t leave my lips sticky. Especially, since it is super windy lately and I hate when my hair gets stuck on top of my gloss. I know the easiest solution would be not to wear lip gloss, but that's not really fun! I was familiar with the Pixi brand, so I decided to try this lip gloss, since it also promises to plump up paltry lips. The cherry colored lip gloss went on sheer but smelled like crayons. The  non-goopy lip gloss didn’t go on sticky, but my lips did leave sticky. My lips did look fuller but not by much. I would continue using this lip booster as a lip gloss but not for the sole purpose of plumping up my lips.

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