Friday, February 28, 2014

Rainbow Research French Green Clay Powder

Family reunion vacations are always stressful. That’s why I snuck away back to my room to unwind a bit. I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind then applying a clay mask, reading some magazines and drinking my favorite beverage [Shirley Temples!]. I came across this mask when buying some beauty products for my trip. I tend to buy new things so I have something to look forward to incase my vacation becomes everything but a vacation. I like this mask was powder form [it only had one ingredient - french green clay] that you can mix it with water [or if you have a certain skin type - for example - if you have dry skin you can use a tablespoon of olive or avocado oil or if you have oily skin add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice -- they include a bunch of suggestions]. You can also make it as watery or thick as you liked but they recommend using 1 oz of spring water [or chamomile tea or aloe vera juice].  The French Green Clay is known for absorbing dirt, oil and bacteria while cleansing your pores. I was very lazy to try the other substitutes, so I just used the water [ a bit more than 1 oz -- who has time to measure?!] and worked the mixture for about 4 minutes to make a nice creamy mask. I made it a bit too watery because I was too lazy to measure and it was a bit sloppy to apply.  I would recommend using a brush instead of a spatula to ensure an even application. I did realize there was more than enough to use the mask on face, so I used some on my neck and decolletage. After the 20 minutes I removed the mask, I did notice my face feeling tighter while I was waiting to wash it off.  My face was smooth, soft and radiant. I also like how this “cheap” [around $1 an ounce] left my skin feeling so great and amazing. I can’t wait to go home and buy the full size when I get home. Especially, since everyone thought I used got a facial and mask done at the hotel’s spa. I don’t blame them, it is hard to believe to get such amazing results with my dilapidated skills.  Just a side note to ensure you get nice results, stay away from the hairline and follow up with a moisturizer or facial oil to enhance your glow.

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